Pay Dues

  •  Paying Alumni Dues Is Now Available Online!   

    Alumni Dues help pay for Alpha Sigma Pi events or can go to the sorority gift that is presented by the Patronesses to the Active Circle.  




    The EZ Up's the Actives and Alumni used at various events is just one of the many things your dues help to pay for. The gift to the organization is decide upon by the needs of the Active Circle. Dues also help pay for Birthday Luncheon, Homecoming events and now the sorority website.


    We would love to hear from you. If you have a suggestion to how dues can be used please contact the Patronesses or the Alumni Assocation Board.       


     Dues are currently $10.00


    You can pay via paypal or for other forms of payments email the Alumni Assocation Treasure, Tami Vahalik , at


  • Alumni Dues $10
  • Custom Amount