Alpha Sigma Pi celebrating centennial during Homecoming 2014.


Our story begins on December 5, 1914. A group of women (Dorothy Davis Fuller, Ruth Davis Jacobsen, Ruth Elizabeth Lee, Florence Amelia Linderman, Elsie Elliot Severence and Ruth Clarissa Ward) sought to create an organization of women who shared in the idea of friendship, constancy and fidelity. Adelphete (friendship), Statheros (constancy) and Pistis (fidelity) were the words chosen to represent what would become Alpha Sigma Pi. 

The colors that represent the bonds of Alpha Sigma Pi are White and Gold. While the Shasta Daisy is the known symbol of this sisterhood. Our motto "Not for ourselves alone" embodies the bonds that hold this sisterhood together. 

Bright Crescent Moon

Up in the starlight sky 

That's the sacred symbol 

Of a Sigma Pi

And from it's light

A pin of pearls was made

It stands for truth and friendship 

That will never fade


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote friendship, both by forming a stronger bond among members for individual and group betterment and by extending a friendly sentiment to the campus at large; and to give our loyalty to the college by working always for her best interest.